Drug-related information associated with medical indications

SUPERTARGET is a database developed in the first place to collect informations about drug-target relations. It consist mainly of three different types of entities:


Beside this, informations about pathways and ontologies can be gained. Separate section is dedicated to a special soubgroup of the the targets - the cytochromes (CYPs) P450. All these entities are connected between each other through drug-protein, protein-protein and drug-side-effect relations and include rich annotation about the source, ID's, physical properties, references and much more.

Proteins are retrieved from UniProt and are displayed with synonyms and organism information. Also information about target-target interactions and sequenc similarities between the targets are involved. Additional information as 3D-structures from PDB and EC-numbers are given if available. Drugs gained from SuperDrug were mapped with BindingDB, integrated to SUPERTARGET and assigned metadata as ATC-codes (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical), structure information and binding affinities. The side-effects contained in the database were fetched from SIDER and related to the drugs.

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