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Mode of Action by NeTwoRk Analysis

Mode of Action by NeTwoRk Analysis (MANTRA) is a computational tool for the analysis of the Mode of Action (MoA) of novel drugs and the identification of known and approved candidates for “drug repositioning”. It is based on network theory and non-parametric statistics on gene expression data. In order to study a novel drug users have to give to MANTRA one or more genome-wide ranked list of genes sorted according to their differential expression in a treatment with the drug. On the basis of this input, MANTRA automatically integrates this novel drug in a huge network of compounds in which the topology reveals similarities and differences in MoA. To make novel hypothesis on known and FDA approved drugs, hence to find “repositionable drugs”, users have just to explore this drug network.

Our MANTRA transforms the information hidden in a microarray experiment into a meaningful landscape of drugs providing an “enlightened” view of them.


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