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YITU Technology

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China based
$411.672 M

The world’s leading AI pharmaceutical company YITU Technology announced in early December that it has completed a new round of financing of tens of millions of dollars. The funds raised in this round will continue to increase the technology investment in end-to-end drug research and development. In-depth layout from IND application to clinical trial promotion. Bingzhoushi uses AI technology to improve the accuracy and efficiency of drug screening. The self-built cloud computing platform Orbital Drug Design is currently the most promising drug development tool in the virtual screening of compounds based on molecular docking, which can further accelerate the calculation and shorten the verification cycle. Under the traditional method, the research and development of a new drug costs an average of US$1 billion and takes 10 years. Using the Orbital Drug Design platform, the AccutarBio team has successfully obtained several drug candidates in the past two years.

R&D Platform

care.ai® Specific Disease Clinics and Research Intelligent Solution
Based on proprietary medical knowledge map, intelligent disease database can be constructed through deep mining, extraction and structurization of data with artificial intelligence.
With Yitu Healthcare’s intelligent disease database, “AI + big data” research platform, regional key research data center, and intelligent assisted diagnosis system and other solutions are available to facilitate clinics, teaching, research, and management.


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