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Aria Pharmaceuticals (Formerly: TwoXAR)

Aria Pharmaceuticals (Formerly: TwoXAR) logo

United States of America based
$14.300 M

The convergence of big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence has allowed twoXAR to build a drug discovery platform that is order of magnitudes faster, cheaper, and more accurate than traditional wet-lab based approaches.

twoXAR leverages its technology internally to build its own pipeline of therapeutic candidates across diseases as well as collaborate with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to jointly discover and develop novel drug candidates by:

- Screening compound libraries for efficacy against a disease or list of diseases
- Screening compound libraries for efficacy against a disease or list of diseases
- Identifying biologic targets from the elucidation of novel biology

Immunology Oncology Pharmaceuticals small molecule therapies


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Screen compound libraries for efficacy against a disease, identify new drug candidates from a public library, and identify biologic targets. Allows researchers to: Speed and reduce costs for drug discovery.

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TXR-711 (lupus)
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Using our scientific approach, Aria has developed a pipeline of promising treatments in over a dozen programs across a range of therapeutic areas. All of our candidates have shown sound safety and efficacy signals against some of today’s most challenging diseases. But that’s just the beginning. We have the power to apply our science in 1000+ complex diseases.




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