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StoneWise, founded in 2018, is a technology company committed to accelerating novel drug discovery with artificial intelligence. We intend to use AI technology and innovation to lead a paradigm shift in Drug discovery for the pharmaceutical industry. Our goal is to replace the previous single-engine drug R&D focusing onexperts based model with the new twin-engine drug R&D model with advanced AI technology and expert system. Our platform is designed by cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and microfluidics, integrated with computational chemistry, computational biology, pharmacology and clinical medicine. The Platform provides pharmaceutical companies with integrated solutions.These solutions include a vast range of tools such as medical knowledge graph,the discovery of priviledged scaffolds,molecular generation and design,as well as predicting reaction products and planning path synthesis.Using this platform,StoneWise hopes to enhancing the efficiency and success rate of early stage drug discovery.

StoneWise has engaged a number of domestic and foreign technical experts in the field of Internet, artificial intelligence, pharmaceutical industry and other scientific disciplines. It equips a state of art scientific drug discovery facility, keeps track of latest innovating in drug discovery, and provides its customers with excellent technologies, products and services. StoneWise started to collaborate with domestic and foreign universities, research institutions and pharmaceutical factories.

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