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United States of America based
$1.590 M

We bring unparalleled chemical diversity to areas of highest unmet medical need with the team and tools to turn the resulting discoveries into viable, high-impact therapeutics.
Over the last three years, our platform has been validated by pharma partners, helping them increase the chemical diversity of their therapeutic leads, including in cancer and antibiotics. We are now focusing on the discovery and development of novel and differentiated payloads for oncology antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) and have payload programs in various stages of optimization and preclinical development.

Antibody Drug Conjugates


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ATLANTIS™, uses data mining and machine learning approaches to uncover the therapeutic potential of nature’s chemistry from a diversity of global microbiome collections. It provides rapid insights into the therapeutic potential, chemical novelty, structure activity relationships and global distribution of each metabolite.


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1. Reversal of T cell Exhaustion
2. Rig-1 agonist
3. cGAS Antagonist




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