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United States of America based
$1.700 M

We have pioneered a AI-driven technology that can measure metabolite masses fast and inexpensively. Using our proprietary database and machine-learning algorithm, we reduce the need for these additional experiments, predict the identity of each metabolite mass, and integrate these data with other large-scale molecular datasets such as genomics and proteomics.

ReviveMed uniquely overcomes the difficulties of identifying a large set of metabolites for each patient, based on technology developed at The Fraenkel Lab at MIT and published in Nature Methods. It further translates metabolomic data into novel therapeutic insights for drug and drug response biomarker discovery. Currently, ReviveMed is collaborating with tier-one pharmaceutical companies to support their drug discovery programs and in pursuing internal drug discovery, initially focused on metabolic diseases.

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R&D Platform

Our platform for the first time enables the rapid, high-throughput, and cost-effective application of metabolic data to discover new disease mechanisms for drug discovery and, simultaneously metabolomic biomarkers to identify which patients stand to benefit by targeting the disease mechanism.


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