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Our company QuantaCell offers services designed to digitize and analyze the histological slides of our customers.

This service aims to support our clients in identifying biomarkers of interest, quantifying these biomarkers and allowing to characterize the effects of new ingredients or pharmacological molecules. We intervene to:

Counting cells and cell nuclei and describing coloured images
• Segmentation of cells according to hue and colour
• Description and classification of these cells according to morphological criteria (size, size of nuclei)

analysis of protein expression, nucleic acid and biomarkers of interest
• Immunohistochemistry, automatic detection of biomarker expression by color deconvolution and quantification of expression in segmented structures
• Immunofluorescence, detection of luminance (red blue and green) and quantification of expression level in cellular structures of interest

Detection of tissue structure of interest
• Recognition, identification of different tissue structures (renal glomerules, epidermal layers, pulmonary cancer nodules)

Cell recognition and cell classification
• Identification, segmentation and classification of cell populations by artificial intelligence

multiplexed studies on TMA
• Detection of TMA spots on the blade and management
• Successive VMAs recalcages on two distinct blades
• Multiplexed studies

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