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South Korea based
$18.940 M

We are an AI biotech specializing in drug development based on transcriptomic database.

We strive to develop treatments for intractable and rare disease both in oncology and non-oncology space. We partner with pharmaceutical companies and i) identify the optimal indications of NCE under development, ii) identify the proper indications for clinical stage failed compounds, iii) screen combination drugs that can significantly increase the efficacy synergistically, iv) finding the optimal cancer biomarker, and v) identifying the primary site for carcinoma of unknown primary.

While our AI technology offers platform to minimize cost, time, and risk of clinical failure for drug candidates, our desire to provide alternative cost competitive treatments for patients with rare and intractable disease are embedded in everyone at ONCOCROSS.


AI Companies (Drug Discovery)  

R&D Platform

Using our unique cancer-specific data set containing 23+ different
types of cancers with over 70,000 relevant patients’ prognosis data,
we can help pharmaceutical companies developing anti-cancer
drugs to select the most appropriate cancer types for a given anti-cancer agent.

Phamaceutical companies can better able to identify the specific
cancer market, design clinical trials to improve the success rate of
clinical approval, and manage pipeline strategy.


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