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France based
$3.143 M

omicX is a global benchmark in big biodata analytics. Powered by machine teaching, its unique dynamic analytics ecosystem deciphers and analyses life science data. Combining artificial and collective intelligence, omicX’s disruptive approach empowers life science practitioners to shorten and improve decision-making, in order to accelerate scientific breakthroughs and go to market strategies. Accessible via web app, omicX is recognized as the most insightful life science analytics platform by a community of more than one million high-level users every year.

omicX decided to harness the exponentially growing collective intelligence in bioinformatics and to leverage it to exploit biological Big Data for novel applications in biotechnology, life science, medecine, agriculture and industry.

Their fast-growing company has become a trusted leader and global reference in bioinformatics with users from world leading universities, medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies and the biotech industry.

Specialties: Bioinformatics, Computational biology, Biologial data analysis , and Big data

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