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nQ Medical's artificial intelligence technology has been proven in four years of clinical trials at MIT to substantially change the way disease is managed for a wide range of neuromotor and neurocognitive disorders. nQ focuses on analysis of user interaction with common electronic devices to capture functional decline related to neurodegenerative disorders. The fine control of typing and touch screen kinematics together with the frequent use of electronic devices allows for precise monitoring of small changes in neurodegeneration that frequently go unnoticed by clinicians. It also allows for 24/7, passive, data collection, thus eliminating the adherence problems plaguing most therapeutic interventions.

We support clinical trials with remote, online recruitment of ideal study participants
- Disease detection/Shortened recruitment time
- Better disease staging/Patient targeting
- Less in-clinic observation (at-home, unbiased real world data)
- Passive/continuous monitoring yields earliest measure of therapeutic impact and helps shape treatment pathways for neurodegenerative diseases

Compounds coming out of trials can also be supported with our Mobile PD Management Platform:
- Rx, remote disease progression and therapy measurement tool used with outpatient treatment under the care of health care professional, in conjunction with drug/device
- Digital health device supporting medication-assisted treatment:
- Clinical titration decisions
- Patient engagement and adherence tool/Caregiver observation tool
- Direct download to patient’s mobile device after prescription. Intended to be used in conjunction with a clinician-supervised outpatient treatment protocol.

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