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neoX Biotech

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China based
$40 M

neoX Biotech is a biotech company that combines artificial intelligence (AI) with biophysics for drug research and development. neoX focuses on the research and development of macromolecular drugs and multi-specific drugs, especially in the field of immuno-oncology. It has developed a sophisticated platform for early discovery of therapeutics by characterizing protein-protein interactions (PPI). neoX has established cooperation with biomedical companies globally to accelerate drug R&D pipelines. Founded in 2018 by two doctors graduated from MIT and Caltech, neoX has been funded by top venture capitals including Sequoia Capital, Morningside Venture Capital, Vision Plus Capital and ZhenFund.


AI Companies (Drug Discovery)  

R&D Platform

Star Kang original biological (neoX Biotech) to complete millions of dollars in early 7 pre-A round of financing, this round of financing is mainly used to extend the expansion, high-throughput laboratory personnel team and advance drug development pipeline cooperation. Prior to this, Xingkang Original Bio had received millions of dollars in angel investment from Morningside Capital and Zhen Fund. Xingkang original biology currently focuses on the development of new antigens, PROTAC and antibody drugs. The neoX high-throughput neoantigen-TCR computational screening platform can establish a neoantigen library and a TCR library from the gene sequencing and high-throughput single cell sequencing data of tumor cells of a single cancer patient, and find the best solution. The neoX computing platform optimizes the "target protein-PROTAC-E3 ligase" ternary complex by designing the protein-protein interface and virtual screening of the PROTAC compound library, and designing and obtaining lead compounds more efficiently.


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