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AI Companies (Drug Discovery)

LabGenius is the first biopharmaceutical company developing next generation protein therapeutics using a machine learning-driven evolution engine (EVA™️).

Our protein engineering platform integrates several bleeding edge technologies from the fields of machine learning, synthetic biology, and robotics. We use advanced deep-learning neural networks to explore protein fitness landscapes and improve multiple drug properties simultaneously.

synthetic biology protein engineering protein therapeutics

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LabGenius Showcases AI-Driven Antibody Discovery Platform in a T-cell Engager Demonstration

London-based LabGenius, known for its innovative approach to antibody discovery, recently revealed impressive results from its research platform demonstration project. This project showcased the company's machine learning-driven lead optimization capacity, which successfully delivered T-cell engagers (TCEs) with unprecedented tumor-killing selectivity. The results were presented at the 2023 Protein Engineering and …