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Interprotein Corporation

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Japan based

At Interprotein, we are dedicated in the early stage drug discovery particularly focusing on PPIs as therapeutic targets. Our strategy for the discovery of novel small- and middle-sized molecules that modulate PPIs is aided by two unique technologies. We are also taking a step forward into a new dimension of drug discovery, integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into our technology to expedite drug development processes.

peptide screening protein-protein interaction

R&D Platform

With twin platform technologies, Interprotein provides highly active modulators for protein-protein interaction (PPI) targets.

Our proprietary technology (INTENDD®) is built upon a different conceptual foundation from MD-based docking simulation methods, generating highly active compounds with unique scaffolds.

On the other hand, our newly constructed libraries of helix-loop-helix peptide achieved a near 100% success rate in identifying strong binders with KD values in low nanomolar range.

AI-guided INTENDD®

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