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Based on artificial intelligence technology, we independently developed an algorithm system with deep learning ability. We established a biological process model based on the experimental data and molecular data, and the model can help us analyze and predict the functions of all kinds of compounds and related properties of the compounds, and screen the target molecules, design and optimize specific functional compounds, predict drug toxicity and long-term side effects. The predicted results can be verified directly by mouse experiments, providing clinical trial drug candidates for drug developing companies.

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R&D Platform

InfinityBind:AI Design Platform
The small molecule-target binding model established in the whole compound space is the key to accurately predict the possibility of the combination between any two small molecules and is the basic requirement for training an artificial intelligence agent for de-novo drug design using deep reinforcement learning. Based on a large dataset containing millions of records describing binding abilities between different compounds, InfinityBind successfully depicts the effective spatial information of the compounds’ targets using self-developed IMBalance Counter (IMBC) algorithm, which can be implemented to train a deep neural network using extremely unbalanced data. So far, we have accurately predicted hundreds of results about binding abilities between small molecules and their targets, and completed the molecular de-novo design based on deep reinforcement learning.


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AI driven Pipelines are supposed to be much more efficient: faster, cost effective, with better efficacy, less toxicities. AI platforms are also supposed to solve traditionally difficulty diseases, like metabolic disorders and age-related diseases.

Note that we can already manipulate the images in a way that smart enough for time-lapse changes, expressions, decorations and etc. Image that we also will be able to manipulate the small molecules toward the direction that the properties and activities are we wanted.




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