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Fermion Technology

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China based

AI new drug company Fermizi Technology completed a total of hundreds of millions of yuan in Series A financing in November. Investors in this round include Panda Capital, Guangzhou Financial Holdings, Tongsheng Capital, etc. The financing funds will be mainly used for team upgrades, technical models and data models The improvement of the relevant product pipeline and the expansion of the number of cooperation in the pipeline Fermiz focuses on the development of an AI-assisted pharmaceutical technology platform for small molecule chemical drugs. Through cooperation with CRO companies and original pharmaceutical companies, it uses AI technologies such as deep learning, reinforcement learning, generation confrontation, big data, and knowledge graphs to improve early development of new drugs s efficiency.


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R&D Platform

Fermion Technology has developed an AI assisted pharmaceutical technology platform for the development and production of small molecular drugs. Through collaboration with contract research companies and pharmaceutical enterprises, Fermion employs AI capabilities such as deep learning, reinforcement learning, Generative Adversarial Networks, big data and knowledge mapping to improve the efficiency of early research and development of new drugs.


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