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BlackThorn Therapeutics

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United States of America based
$138 M

BlackThorn Therapeutics, Inc., is a clinical-stage neurobehavioral health company pioneering the next generation of artificial intelligence technologies to advance its pipeline of targeted therapeutics for treating brain disorders. The company has engineered PathFinder™, a cloud-based computational psychiatry and data platform, to enable the collection, integration and analysis of multimodal data at great speed and scale. BlackThorn applies its data-driven approaches to create an understanding of the core underlying pathophysiology of neurobehavioral disorders and uses these insights to generate objective neuromarkers, which support drug target identification, patient stratification and objective clinical trial endpoints. By identifying more homogenous patient subgroups who share underlying neurobiology, BlackThorn aims to direct its drug candidates to neurobiologically-defined patient populations most likely to respond. BlackThorn is headquartered in San Francisco, California. BlackThorn Therapeutics is now part of Neumora Therapeutics, Inc.

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We are leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate deeper insights into our drug discovery and clinical development processes.


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Our novel kappa opioid receptor antagonist (KORA)
In partnership with The Scripps Research Institute, we have discovered BTRX-335140, a potentially best-in-class KOR antagonist.

The KOR pathway – located within brain regions that regulate the negative effects of stress on behavior – has emerged as a significant therapeutic target.1-3 Activation of the KOR pathway results in downstream dysregulation of neurotransmission in brain regions that govern anxiety, reward processing, mood and cognition.1,4 As such, KOR antagonists show great promise for treating a variety of neurobehavioral disorders in which neurotransmission is disrupted.

BTRX-335140 is a potent, selective and reversible KOR antagonist. We are conducting a Phase 2 proof-of-concept study of BTRX-335140 in a subpopulation of patients with major depressive disorder. Phase 1 studies in healthy volunteers showed that BTRX-335140 was well tolerated, exhibited favorable pharmacokinetics and engaged KORs in the brain at levels projected to be effective in treating symptoms relevant to depression and other CNS disorders.

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BTRX-323511 (a selective antagonist for the vasopressin 1a receptor): We expect to start Phase 1 development in early 2020.




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