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Accutar Biotech

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AI Companies (Drug Discovery)

AccutarBio employs artificial intelligence to revolutionize drug discovery. With capabilities in side chain flexible mode ligand docking, virtual screening, and drug ADME property prediction, Accutar’s platform beats the industry standard in computation-aided drug design. The company’s hybrid based approach, which uses computational drug design followed by wet lab validation, greatly reduces the time and cost necessary for traditional drug discovery efforts. Accutar is committed to building strong partnerships, and collaborates across academia and the pharmaceutical industry to solve interdisciplinary problems. The company was founded in 2015 and has locations in both Shanghai, China and New York, NY.

Accutar offers two software packages:

Chemi-Net and Orbital. Chemi-Net is a molecular graph convolutional network for accurate drug property prediction. It was recently shown to improve the accuracy of ADME property prediction by a large margin in comparison to the widely-used methods https://arxiv.org/abs/1803.06236.

Orbital is a deep neural network based docking platform. The prediction accuracy of protein-ligand complex (holo) from ligand free state (apo) structure is significantly higher than current standards. In addition to these tools, AccutarBio offers services in virtual screening for lead discovery; intelligent-SAR for lead optimization and drug property prediction.