FREE WEBINAR: "Why 'Next Best Action' is not enough"

FREE WEBINAR: "Why 'Next Best Action' is not enough"

Event Date: Sept. 15, 2020 - Sept. 15, 2020

Location: United Kingdom

Website: Link

Topics: AI in Drug Discovery

As an ambitious sales, marketing, medical or commercial director, you might be interested in harnessing AI to aid your field force or marketing teams.

You might even be considering a 'Next Best Action' engine to provide additional guidance. And it makes a lot of sense, especially with digital engagement as the de facto channel post-Covid.

But look a little closer and you will see that not all systems are created equal.

If you are going to use any ‘intelligence’ to direct your resources, accuracy and quality will be critical. But often overlooked is the way that intelligence is delivered. Getting this right is absolutely essential.

Join this free webinar to learn from leaders at Astellas, BMS, GSK and OKRA who are taking an intelligent, beyond-the-buzzword approach when driving their performance with artificial support.

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