Spatial Biology US 2023

Spatial Biology US 2023

Event Date: June 8, 2023 - June 9, 2023

Location: United States of America, Boston

Website: Link

Join 300+ leaders, experts and researchers at the Spatial Biology US:
In-Person, connecting global academic & research organisations as well as pharma representatives for high-level discussions on the latest innovations in spatial research & technologies.

This 2-day event is designed specifically for the US market, we are bringing together spatial experts, researchers and scientists for participating in focused discussions, workshops and give presentations that mirror the current challenges and future opportunities of the spatial biology market.

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This Year's Agenda at a Glance

Day One

Track 1: Emerging Technologies Techniques and Approaches

  • Overview of different spatial omics technologies 
  • Transcriptomics, metabolomics, proteomics, spatial genomics – approaches and techniques
  • Advanced technologies: pathology and spatial transcriptomics 
  • Combining different multi-modal technologies

Track 2: Moving Spatial Biology Towards The Clinic

  • How can spatial biology change diagnostics practices  
  • Accelerating adoption of spatial technologies by pathologists 
  • Spatial approaches to personalized medicine
  • Challenges in the adoption of translational drug research
  • The use of spatial biology in:
       » DMPK
       » ADME
       » R&D 
  • Biomarkers, companion diagnostics – drug development applications

Track 3: Bioinformatics & Data Analysis

  • Overcoming the challenges in spatial data analysis 
  • Advanced computational tools 
  • Data integration & visualization
  • Multi-modal data analysis
  • Spatial transcriptomic datasets
  • Data access – how we can make the data accessing for more users? 
  • Data standardization, integration & quality control methods

Day Two

Track 1: AI-Powered Imaging & Digital Pathology For Spatial Biology

  • Adoption and utilization of AI/ML for spatial analyses  
  • Label free imaging technologies – imaging mass spec 
  • Accelerating the discovery of novel biomarkers and drug targets using spatial imaging
  • Tissue imaging and analysis using advanced spatial profiling techniques

Track 2: Use Cases From Spatial Omics

Spatial proteomics 

  • Spatial transcriptomics
  • Spatial metabolomics 
  • Spatial genomics:
       » Complementary role of dissociated single-cell/nucleus omics approaches in spatial biology 
  • Case studies from disease areas:
       » Oncology
       » Neuroscience 
       » Lung diseases 


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