Crowdsourcing a drug: Myth or Reality?

Crowdsourcing a drug: Myth or Reality?

Event Date: Feb. 23, 2021 - Feb. 23, 2021

Location: Ukraine, Online

Website: Link

Dear friends and colleagues!

We invite you to join our online webinar “Crowdsourcing a drug: Myth or Reality?” to learn about a new collaborative approach for early drug discovery -- COVID Moonshot project -- a global open science initiative. 
Over a course of 2 hours our 5 speakers will discuss their latest insights about a new way of doing collaborative drug discovery, how artificial intelligence helps realize this vision, and general trends in the data-driven retrosynthesis and drug design space.
We will introduce PostEra’s machine learning-driven “medicinal chemistry as a service” toolset and reveal how Enamine’s building blocks production and library synthesis capabilities make it possible to get compounds delivered with ultimate success rates. 
We will also introduce the concept of REadily AvailabLe (REAL) compounds -- the core technology behind the largest accessible chemical space in the world -- above 13 billion molecules. 

About Organizers: 

Enamine is the leading producer and supplier of building blocks and compounds libraries for drug discovery, serving the industry since 1991. The company is a developer of cutting-edge technology for generating ultra-large chemical spaces for hit discovery, with molecules accessible with 80%+ rate, within 3-4 weeks. The technology is based on the world's largest stock of building blocks and proprietary framework for compound library synthesis.  

PostEra uses machine learning to help discover novel drugs. We offer medicinal chemistry as a service, with a focus on how to make compounds. We have partnered with drug hunters in large pharma like Pfizer and with new biotechs like NeuroLucent, to expedite their own drug discovery campaigns while also offering a cloud-based platform called Manifold as a one-stop-shop for making compounds. Through the platform we hope to democratise access to machine learning technology to help every drug hunter advance their own drug discovery efforts.

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