Precision Medicine Forum - Patient Week

Topics: AI in Drug Discovery AI in Healthcare Big Data and Data Management in Biomedical Research Biomarkers Development Biomedical Research Biotech Research Cell Therapies Clinical Trials Drug Discovery and Development eHealth and Digital Sensors Epigenetics Research Gene editing Genetic Engineering Healthcare Technologies Pharma 4.0 (Digital Tech and Data Analytics) Pharma Regulations and Legal Aspects Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Research Equipment and Tools RNA-focused Drug Discovery Stem-Cell Research/Therapy Translational Research Women in tech
Therapeutic Areas: Cardiovascular Immunology and Inflammation Infectious Diseases (Bacterial and Viral) Oncology Rare Diseases

We have always included the patient’s perspective at our in-person forum and feel that this is an increasingly important aspect of our events. Given that virtual events remove the barriers to entry for patients and patient advocates in terms of travel and accommodation costs, now is a perfect opportunity to include even more patients in the discussion as panellists and attendees.

Precision Medicine Forum - Patient Week will be held across four sessions each lasting two hours from 8-11 March 2021. Being virtual this allows for far greater participation for patients and advocates and indeed, from a broader geography than is possible in-person. This, our inaugural patient week, is the first in an ongoing initiative to bring patients more into the discussions about precision medicine.

If you would like to be a speaker or partner with Precision Medicine Forum for this event, please contact us at or 

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