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Next-Generation Sequencing Is The Next Big Thing In Pharmacogenomics

Next-Generation Sequencing Is The Next Big Thing In Pharmacogenomics

Pharmacogenomics seeks to understand underlying genetic markers that influence treatment responses and modification of therapies to increase efficacy treatment success (Monte et al., 2012). This field has greatly benefited from classical approaches to identify polymorphisms and the molecular basis involved in drug interaction with targets their activity with treatments.

Next generation sequencing makes it possible to simultaneously study DNA polymorphisms across the genome, couple it with RNA analysis and the proteome comparably faster and cheaper. Ideal pharmacogenomic markers should be easily detectable and integratable into improving personalized medicine (Chauvin and Boisvert, 2018). Here we present some of these case studies and how information gleaned from DNA, protein and [RNA analysis] has helped improve our understanding of treatments and tailor medicine for specific case studies (personalized medicine).