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Raj Indupuri is the CEO of eClinical Solutions and is passionate about introducing and implementing solutions and technologies to further clinical research development. With a unique blend of hands-on technical and data management experience, Raj works to advance the eClinical Solutions strategic vision and the delivery of cloud-based solutions.

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Clinical Research, Artificial Intelligence, and COVID-19

Clinical Research, Artificial Intelligence, and COVID-19

How life sciences companies are reimagining trials during the biggest health crisis in a century

Whatever the world was like on March 15, it’s not like that now — and it probably won’t be for months or years. Everything from buying groceries to renewing a driver’s license is completely different from the way we did things just a few months ago. Clinical trials, like most medical activities, have been significantly affected as governments and pharmaceutical companies have pivoted to a single focus: combatting the novel coronavirus. At the same time, the rush to develop cures and vaccines for COVID-19 is condensing the review and approval process from years to months. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) can play a vital role in changing how clinical trials are conducted and how therapies are evaluated and tested.