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Quantitative Medicine

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Quantitative Medicine is an early stage computational biology company based out of Revv Oakland in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company is commercializing an advanced, big data analytics technology – the Computational Research Engine™ (CoRE™) – that facilitates accelerated drug discovery and development while dramatically lowering experimentation costs.

Quantitative Medicine’s Computational Research Engine™ uses an innovative approach to machine learning in drug discovery and development that complements and extends current industry practices. The CoRE™ does not replace experimentation with computation, it simply shares the stage. The company is unique in its collaborative approach, employing computation to guide physical experimentation. The unprecedented benefits resulting from the synergistic partnership between the CoRE™‘s active machine learning technology and the scientists who utilize it are without equal. Quantitative Medicine’s drive to innovate and willingness to rewrite tired convention will not be found anywhere else.

Quantitative Medicine Computational Biology In Silico Drug Discovery


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R&D Platform

CoRE™ is a dynamic and comprehensive in silico predictive modeling platform for constructing, assessing, validating and deploying exceedingly accurate predictive models to efficiently guide the testing process and solve complex drug discovery optimization problems. CoRE™ applies cutting edge machine learning techniques from three complementary informatics technologies: Supervised Learning, Transfer Learning and Active Learning, to efficiently solve multi-parameter optimization problems in a series of discrete discovery cycles.


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