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France based
$1.110 M

MAbSilico is a deeptech company from French academic research labs. Founded in 2017, MAbSilico is a software editor with the vision to accelerate the development of therapeutic antibody focusing on the early stage development to provide leads in a few years today to a few weeks.

MAbSilico is developing a software suite combining algorithms and databases based on 20 years of proven research and protected by patent. Our Artificial Intelligence and machine learning -driven tools cover two key steps of the early-stage antibody development; the lead identification and the lead characterization.

therapeutic antibody protein interaction target identification


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MAbSilico’s technology is based on 20 years of academic research performed by highly competent scientists. Each methods are calibrated using parameters set up from proprietary databases during the R&D stage, and they are all validated with state-of-the-art experimental assays. Thanks to this combined approaches (computational and biology), MAbSilico can show that the predictive data always converge towards the biological truth.


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