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Netherlands based


Euretos, ( founded in 2012 in the Netherlands, provides an AI platform used by pre-clinical researchers for in-silico discovery & validation of targets and biomarkers. World leading pharma, biotech and academic institutions use it to accelerate their multi omics research. We enable this by:

- Outsourcing of research questions and projects;
- Direct access to the cloud based Euretos discovery platform via user friendly application;
- API Integration of the discovery platform in your company’s IT environment/workflows;
- Integration of company proprietary data and public data in a secure environment.

Euretos gives the power of bioinformatics in the hands of the researcher via an easy-to-use search engine. Based on the latest big data analytics technologies, researchers discover and evaluate how molecular mechanisms influence cell and tissue functions, and in turn mediate phenotypes and disease pathology.

By integrating over 200 different public databases, the platform provides the largest single environment in which the latest multi omics data is interlinked to literature, experimental and clinical evidence for target and biomarker validation. The data integrated in the platform include genetic, genomic and proteomic annotations, expression profiles, experimental and animal models, diseases, phenotypes, pathways, small molecules - covering metabolites, food ingredients, as well as therapeutic agents (antibodies and peptides).

Company proprietary data can be integrated into the platform for even more optimal results and hosted in a secure cloud environment or installed on-site.

Data type used for modelling
  • HTS and HCS data
  • Network biology analysis (omics)
  • Publications / patents (unstructured data mining)
Research focus
  • Biology research (Target identification/validation)
  • Biomarker Discovery