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AI Companies (Drug Discovery) Pharmaceutical and Drug Discovery

Euretos provides AI driven research support as well as direct access to the Euretos AI Platform to enable in silico discovery & validation of targets, biomarkers and indications. We enable (pre)clinical researchers to take a translational systems biology approach connecting molecular multi-omics interactions, through cellular involvement, to the level of functional and phenotypic characterisation that are relevant for a disease or pathology. Inter- and intra-cellular protein networks are identified through deconvolution of bulk expression profiles leveraging Euretos’ extensive cell type expression library.
By semantic integration of over 275 different public life sciences data and textual sources, the platform provides the largest knowledge base in which the latest multi omics data is interlinked to literature, patents, experimental and clinical evidence. The multi-omics data integrated in the platform include genetic, genomic and proteomic annotations, expression profiles, experimental and animal models, diseases, phenotypes, pathways, small molecules - covering metabolites, food ingredients, as well as therapeutic agents (antibodies and peptides).

Euretos also creates molecular models for diseases, making extensive use of AI technologies such as Machine Reading and Machine & Deep Learning. Machine Learning is used in this context to deconvolute bulk expression profiles into relative cell proportions, to identify cellular state changes and infiltrate characterisation of dysregulated cell interactions and to predict expression levels across the different cell types. These models are combined in an overall molecular disease model where target perturbations are simulated to assess the impact on the overall molecular disease profile.

Euretos provides the following services to its customers:
1. AI driven consulting services in all disease areas for discovery & validation of targets, biomarkers and indications.
2. User access to the Search and Analytics applications in the Euretos AI Platform user interface (https://ask.euretos.com).
3. Direct access to the Euretos AI platform via software integration or data downloads.

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-Euretos was featured in Nature vendor review surveying key providers of AI tools for literature and data exploration, September 2018, https://goo.gl/ric7ZX

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