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Cloud Pharmaceuticals


Cloud Pharmaceuticals delivers novel molecular designs of ligands to your druggable targets using our Quantum Molecular Design process deployed on cloud-based high performance computing platforms. The process is run by Cloud Pharmaceuticals' experts in a high-throughput production environment and has three components:

- An artificial Intelligence search of virtual chemical space
- Highly accurate binding affinity prediction
- Chemical property filters for drug-like properties, safety, and synthesizability

Year Founded
United States of America based
$1.347 M
Field/area focus
Research papers
Research Use Case
  • Lead Identification
  • Lead optimization
  • Preclinical Experiments
Business model
  • platform licensing
  • drug candidate-as-a-service
Data type
  • chemical notations
Drug Discovery Strategy
  • Target-based drug discovery (TDD)
Product type
  • small molecules

Industry Partnerships

2018GSKCloud will use its proprietary AI-driven process to design the molecules.

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