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United States of America based
$4.900 M

BioSymetrics is a biomedical AI (artificial intelligence) company that has pioneered proprietary Machine Learning to optimize innovation in biopharma, precision medicine, diagnostics, and medical discovery. Our technology platform, Augusta™, performs advanced data pre-processing and integrated machine learning (ML) on complex biomedical data types and large-scale datasets. Augusta can work from siloed or raw data, and enable integration of multiple biological, clinical, genomics, metabolomic, lab testing, and drug development data types, for analytics at unprecedented speed and accuracy. Augusta is deployable anywhere (no data transfer needed) and provides scalable architecture for enterprise and cloud computing applications.

We serve biopharmaceutical, genomics, healthcare, medical device, and technology companies. Our capabilities are underpinned by expertise in AI data science, predictive analytics, big data, medicine, bioinformatics, computational biology, advanced image processing and pattern analysis, and health IT. BioSymetrics is building the future of medical data science, and enabling corporate customers to make sense of massive data in real-time. Visit www.biosymetrics.com to learn more.


AI Companies (Drug Discovery)  

R&D Platform

Process raw phenotypic, imaging, drug, and genomic data sets. Allows researchers to: Integrate rapid analytics and machine learning capabilities into existing business processes to improve care, enhance discoveries, gain insight into business, and enable fast data-driven decisions.


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