A Landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Pharmaceutical R&D

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Contract Research Organizations Tap Into AI To Increase Value Proposition

   by Andrii Buvailo    428
Contract Research Organizations Tap Into AI To Increase Value Proposition

A few decades ago, pharmaceutical giants did most of the discovery work in-house, along with every other work necessary to get a drug or medical device to market. Nowadays, nearly any type of R&D or regulatory filing work that a drug maker or a medical-device producer needs to do -- from pre-clinical development to running clinical trials and go-to-market activities -- can be outsourced to CROs, and often it is the case.

According to a report by Kalorama Information, a market-research publisher in Rockville, Maryland, more than one-third of all global drug-discovery research will be outsourced to CROs by 2021.

In the wake of "the artificial intelligence (AI)-revolution" in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, CROs are tapping into various AI technologies to further cement their position in the global pharmaceutical R&D market -- in some instances competing for expertise and talent even with the leading drug makers.

Findings published by Deep Pharma Intelligence, a pharmaceutical industry think-tank in London, United Kingdom, in their report "AI for Drug Discovery, Biomarker Development and Advanced R&D Landscape Overview 2020" reveal that some of the leading CROs are actively adopting various artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, including machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), and natural language processing (NLP) in their research workflows -- via building in-house platforms, or partnering with AI-vendors and AI-focused biotech startups. 

Since the overwhelming majority of CROs are involved in clinical-stage projects, most AI-involving projects are primarily dealing with such use cases as patient recruitment for clinical trials, clinical trial management and result modeling, and patient stratification. However, notable areas of AI application include early drug discovery, preclinical development, and pharmacovigilance.   

Europital Launches as a Science-driven Full Service CRO

   by Abdul Khalifeh    162

Expanded CRO services to support biotechs and mid-sized pharma companies across trials in more than 40 countries

Europital – a globally-focused full-service CRO serving small and mid-tier innovators – announces a significant expansion as it launches new capabilities across project management, clinical monitoring, biostatistics, pharmacovigilance, regulatory affairs and data management, in addition to its existing services of Medical Affairs and Medical Writing. The expanded clinical research offering will see Europital support clients as a full-service CRO in over 40 countries from IND through to commercial launch.

Arena International Announces the Brand New Direct-to-Patient and Virtual Clinical Trials Digital Experience

   by Kadin Luong    258
Arena International Announces the Brand New Direct-to-Patient and Virtual Clinical Trials Digital Experience

London – Arena International announced today the first-ever Direct-to-Patient and Virtual Clinical Trials (https://arena-international.com/dtpvirtual/) will be held as a Digital Experience on Thursday, 9 July 2020. As COVID-19 has forced the market to move towards decentralized and remote models, this event provides the perfect opportunity for clinical trial professionals to hear, meet and learn from top-class speakers around the world to discuss challenges and innovations in this critical time.

Greenphire Launches, EnvisiX, A New Clinical Trial Budget Build and Negotiation Solution

   by Greenphire    219

Today, Greenphire, the global leader in financial lifecycle management for clinical trials, announced the launch of a new budget development solution, EnvisiX, to address the budgeting challenges experienced by global sponsors and CROs during study start-up.

Integrated with eClinicalGPS, Greenphire’s industry-leading site payment solution, enables unprecedented simplicity and efficiency throughout a trial from budget creation and negotiation to management, execution, and tracking of global investigator grants.