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BPT Analytics - Release Notes

BPT Analytics 1.3

What’s New

BPT Analytics platform

  • Sorting function was added to analytics workspace in BPT Analytics user profile. Now it is possible to sort companies in the database by founding year, total funding, number of publications, number of collaborations and many other key parameters.

    BPT Analytics platform sort

  • The looks of analytics charts was improved, labes added to all charts. See examples in our “AI in Drug Discovery” free report. Logged in users of BPT Analytics can now see all companies/deals/funding rounds just by clicking on the corresponding bars in any charts. 

    BPT Analytics, Trend chart publishing platform

  • Our official Release Notes page is now up and running! We will be summarizing new features in all our releases of both the analytics platform, and our digital publishing platform. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay tuned!

  • We have added a subscription form for our “wish list” -- register now and we will invite you personally once the BPT Analytics is open for beta-users (estimated Jan 01, 2020). All wish list users will have an exclusively extended free trial period!