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BPT Analytics - Release Notes

BPT Analytics 1.6

What’s New

BPT Analytics platform 

  • A company profile can now be updated by a user (representative of the company) via a new functionality “Editor Tool”. The tool allows users to update basic company information, deals, funding rounds etc., as well as create a new company profile. All edits undergo moderation by our analysts, and then are updated to the platform and website. 

  • A dedicated search page was created that allows to search for companies, events, posts, and other data

  • We have opened all company profiles for public access (only basic information, like description, year of funding, deals, VC rounds etc.) -- but you can only search up to 10 companies without registering a user account. Example profile: Insilico Medicine.

BiopharmaTrend publishing platform

  • We have launched a Calendar for the Events Listing section: you can add events and they will be automatically featured in the Calendar.

  • All articles published at BiopharmaTrend.com can now be supplemented with a list of company profiles. Example: The Promise Of Cell Technologies In Immunotherapy

BPT Analytics 1.5

What’s New

BPT Analytics platform 

  • We have created a new working tool called “Project”. Now, when you make searches in our database, build graphs, or create tables, you can then store results in a Project. 

    You can create as many Projects as you want - for example, for different set of tasks, and give them custom titles, etc. Each Projects has data of creation, title, owner, and in the future it will be possible to share Projects with other team members who also use BTP Analytics. 

  • In this release, we have improved the speed of Text Search with filters. It is not ideal yet, but it is now twice as fast as it used to be. With a fairly specific search query, you can get results within a couple of seconds, while more general results may take up to 10 seconds and more.

BiopharmaTrend publishing platform

  • Following numerous requests asking if it is possible to list pharma/biotech events at our website, we have launched Events Listing service! Now you can register and add events (free till the end of 2019) and group them by topics and therapeutic areas. Other users can then search for events using keywords, sort them (by Title, End date of event, Location. etc).

General developments

  • We have created a centralized user management infrastructure to manage different kinds of users we have: our contributing authors, event listing managers, users of BPT Analytics platform, and other types of users. Now, when the user logs in, they can have useful access to different roles and website functionality tools. We hope this will be especially useful for small teams having several members with different roles. 

  • We have finally moved the whole project to GitLab, since we believe GitLab is currently the most advanced and user-friendly DevOps infrastructure on the planet. 

BPT Analytics 1.4

What’s New

BPT Analytics platform 

  • The catalog of companies in the pharma/biotech space is further expanded and now includes 6924 life science companies and 3471 investors active in biotech space. 


BiopharmaTrend.com publishing platform

  • We added categorization menu to Search results. Now you can filter search results in the four categories: All Results, Posts, Companies, and Products/Services. 

It gives you the ability to search in catalog of over 10.000 companies in the pharma/biotech space, as well as all other content hosted on our platform, including posts by contributors. 

BPT Analytics 1.3

What’s New

BPT Analytics platform

  • Sorting function was added to analytics workspace in BPT Analytics user profile. Now it is possible to sort companies in the database by founding year, total funding, number of publications, number of collaborations and many other key parameters.

    BPT Analytics platform sort

  • The looks of analytics charts was improved, labes added to all charts. See examples in our “AI in Drug Discovery” free report. Logged in users of BPT Analytics can now see all companies/deals/funding rounds just by clicking on the corresponding bars in any charts. 

    BPT Analytics, Trend chart


BiopharmaTrend.com publishing platform

  • Our official Release Notes page is now up and running! We will be summarizing new features in all our releases of both the analytics platform, and our digital publishing platform. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay tuned!

  • We have added a subscription form for our “wish list” -- register now and we will invite you personally once the BPT Analytics is open for beta-users (estimated Jan 01, 2020). All wish list users will have an exclusively extended free trial period!