The AI Applications in Biopharma Summit 2018

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THE Summit for ChangeMakers Using AI in Biopharma

The AI Applications in Biopharma Summit 2018 is the only event to convene key strategic biopharma stakeholders and data driven disruptors to discuss their experiences, obstacles, opportunities for partnerships, and strategies to implement AI technologies in the research and drug development process.

Interest in AI driven technologies is growing fast among leaders in the biopharma industry. The AI Applications Summit provides the opportunity to discuss the practical steps for implementing these technologies to achieve the greatest impact and ROI. The event will enable industry leaders to find partners to help keep the AI in Biopharma movement growing and moving forward.


Summit at a Glance

  • AI in Research and Development: How can AI be used with sophisticated chemistry to generate novel drug candidates, as well as identifying molecules that are ideal candidates for clinical development and testing. This section will also focus on computational chemistry and how to take the guesswork out of structure based drug design using AI to find molecules that inhibit particular proteins or pathways

  • AI in Clinical Trials: How AI can be used to influence the design and optimization of clinical trials and the recruitment and retention of patients

  • Moving from the ‘Science of AI’ to ‘Using AI Tools in Pharma Science’: Understand why changing your workflow to maximize the value of AI tools will deliver exponential returns instead of incremental results and move toward directly impacting care


Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School

October 25-26, 2018

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