PreOmics Announces Closing of Series B Financing to Accelerate Research, Development and Commercialization of Proteomics Tools and Consumables

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PreOmics Offers Unique Technologies, Advanced Automation Solutions and High-Performance
Consumables for the Homogenization, Enrichment and Sample Preparation of Biopsy, Tissue,
Cell Line and Plasma Samples in Unbiased, Deep Proteomics for Biopharma and Clinical Research

MUNICH, Germany – January 18, 2022 – PreOmics GmbH, a Martinsried, Germany-based developer
of innovative automation and sample preparation tools and consumables for unbiased, deep
proteomics analysis by mass spectrometry, has raised €13.5m in a Series B financing round
provided by Bruker Corporation (Nasdaq: BRKR). PreOmics was founded in 2016 by Dr. Garwin
Pichler and Dr. Nils A. Kulak as a spin-out company from the laboratory of leading proteomics
researcher Professor Matthias Mann at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Martinsried.

PreOmics’ innovative sample processing technologies for mass spectrometry-based protein
analysis are complementary to Bruker’s high-performance scientific instruments, as well as to
proteomics mass spectrometry systems by other leading proteomics companies. Close
collaboration synergies are expected to broaden the market opportunities for both PreOmics’
BeatBox platform technologies and Bruker’s timsTOF 4D proteomics platform with more
complete, automated workflow solutions for academic and clinical researchers, for biomarker
discovery and diagnostics companies, as well as for CRO and biopharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Garwin Pichler, Co-Founder and Managing Director of PreOmics, commented: “We are excited
to increase R&D, marketing and sales investments, and are pleased to have Bruker as a collaborator
and major investor. Bruker shares our vision for advanced proteomic discovery processes for
everyone, and a commitment to accelerate PreOmics’ growth. Our existing and future customers
and partners will benefit from accelerated investments at PreOmics and from proteomics solution
synergies to extend our product offerings and global presence.”

Dr. Nils A. Kulak, Co-Founder and Managing Director of PreOmics, added: “We see a bright future
for PreOmics’ research, development and commercialization efforts, now accelerated by the Series
B primary investments and Bruker as partner and scientific collaborator. Our novel BeatBox technology is
seamlessly compatible with PreOmics’ proteomic sample preparation technologies and in combination with the timsTOF Pro provides end-to-end workflows for processing of large tissue biobanks. Furthermore, we aim to develop integrated and automated BeatBox-based workflow solutions for every experience level and throughput need, while providing highest performance levels for unbiased, deep and comprehensive proteomics

In conjunction with the Series B financing, several early investors in PreOmics, such as High-Tech
Gründerfonds (HTGF) and Think.Health Ventures, as well as certain business angels, have
successfully sold their PreOmics shares to Bruker in a parallel secondary transaction, and Bruker is
now a majority investor in PreOmics. Financial details of the secondary transactions were not

Dr. Bernd Goergen, Partner with HTGF, commented on the successful exit: “The fact that our time
as a seed investor in Preomics has come to an end already after 5 years is a proof for the fantastic
performance of both the management and the extremely innovative technology. Thank you,
Garwin and Nils, for having us support a part of your journey. Joining forces with Bruker now paves the way for setting gold standards in protein sample preparation and will make proteome analysis
easier and more reliable than ever.”

Dr. Michael Ruoff of Think.Health Ventures said: “Think.Health is grateful for having shared an
important part of PreOmics’ success story, which will continue also beyond our investment with the
great support by Bruker. We appreciate Garwin and Nils as exceptional scientists and visionary
entrepreneurs – a rare combination that we definitely need more of in Germany.”

Dr. Frank H. Laukien, President and CEO of Bruker Corporation, stated: “We are very pleased to
invest in PreOmics, a leading proteomics sample preparation, automation and consumables
company, with this Series B primary financing. By also acquiring a majority investment in PreOmics,
Bruker further expands its proteomics vision to include the unique PreOmics sample preparation
technologies, as well as more comprehensive, automated, robust and reproducible workflows and
consumables for translational, biomarker and biopharma proteomics research.”

About PreOmics GmbH
PreOmics empowers our clients in life sciences to establish biological knowledge through efficient,
reliable solutions and workflows that set the standard for protein analysis. Our team spirit, energy,
and commitment empower us to be both creative and quality focused – A trusted partner with
deeply rooted scientific experience. We envisage a future with revolutionary proteomic discovery
processes open for everyone. Tools that reveal hidden causes of diseases, ensure sustainable
nutrition, and provide diagnoses that enhance lives and society.

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