CD BioSciences Provides Case Report Form Design Service for Clinical Trials

by Michelle Moser Contributor

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CD BioSciences, a supplier of one-stop clinical trial services based in the United States, has released its case report form design service for clinical trials.

CD BioSciences, a provider of clinical trial development services based in the U.S., has announced to release case report form (CRF) design service for clinical trials. The company claims to serve in the entire clinical trial lifecycle. The release of CRF design is just a matter of time for its continuously expanding service portfolio.


Case report form, CRF in short, is a study protocol driven document created and used in clinical research. It’s in fact a questionnaire designed by the sponsor of the clinical trial and to collect data from the participating patients specific for the study. It has two forms, printed or electronic, all depending on the sponsor’s needs. eCRFs, however, are becoming more and more popular because they bring better data quality, convenient online data management, faster database access, etc.


Since CRFs bear the mission to facilitate and simplify data analysis at later stage, which aids in accessing the safety and efficacy of the medicinal product, case report form design becomes crucial in clinical research. To generate integrated data, CRF design should be standardized to satisfy the needs of all following users and follow the standard guidelines, data formatting and precise data entry, for instance.


For CRF design, the statisticians in CD BioSciences provide a clear plan to create an appropriate case report form that complies with the study protocol. The form should be in a standardized format that includes concise question names and obvious instructions to ensure reliable, accurate and high-quality data collection.


“One simple rule to check the case report form is to see whether it’s in accordance with the Clinical Data Acquisition Standards Harmonization.” Says Helen James, Senior Scientist of CD BioSciences, “CDASH has provided a data standard to uniform data coding.”


CD BioSciences has been dedicated to clinical trial services for over a decade. It has gathered a team of experienced clinicians, statisticians, programmers, data managers, and analytical scientists to serve its global clients. The company lays exclusive importance on the accuracy and sensitivity of clinical data. For CRF design, the company promises to provide timely and cost-effective results.


To learn more about CD BioSciences’ CRF design service or other capabilities in clinical trials, visit the company’s website ( The company’s responsive scientists could be easily reached via email or the online form on the website.


About CD BioSciences:

Located in the United States, CD BioSciences supplies a full range of clinical development services to help research scientists expedite their drug development. Except for CRF design service, the company covers all the services from study design, bioanalytical lab testing, clinical pharmacology, first-in-human (FIH), proof of concept (PoC), to early and later phases of clinical trials.

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