BPT Analytics Ltd. launches cloud-based analytics dashboard “A Landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Pharma R&D”

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First analytics dashboard tracking and visualizing data about AI-driven biotech startups and AI vendors in pharma space, supported by data aggregation engine

LONDON & KYIV, Ukraine--(BUSINESS WIRE)--BPT Analytics Ltd. (BiopharmaTrend) a provider of web-based business intelligence dashboards for the pharmaceutical industry, launched cloud-based analytics dashboard “A Landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Pharma R&D”, as part of the company’s commitment to transform the way biopharma companies and other life science organizations access market and business intelligence services for their strategic needs.

Drugmakers and biotech investors are increasingly excited about the application of AI in pharmaceutical research. BiopharmaTrend’s analytics dashboard is a powerful and cost-effective tool to support decision making in this area.

BiopharmaTrend’s analytical dashboard “A Landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Pharma R&D” is the first interactive analytics report focused on AI-driven biotechs and tech startups in pharma R&D space. It is versed as a powerful tool for market research, competitor analysis, investment profiling, technology scouting, consulting projects, and other needs.

The Report combines a user-friendly dashboard allowing users to explore aggregate and detailed data about pharma AI landscape, and a sophisticated backend system, including database, and a semi-automatic data aggregation engine combining web-parsers and human experts curating data on daily basis. All updates to database are automatically translated to the Dashboard, where all charts are re-calculated to reflect the up-to-date industry situation.

“With the growing interest in artificial intelligence tech, pharma companies often rely on consulting services by third-party agencies or purchase long-page reports with lots of excessive information, which gets outdated quickly,” said Dr. Andrii Buvailo, Co-founder and Director. “Instead, we offer a yearly subscription to a flexible and cost-effective business intelligence solution, where users immediately get insights from the data on a per-request basis, and it is always fresh”.

Key Dashboard Features:

1. Detailed profiles of 230+ (and growing) AI-driven companies in the drug discovery/development space

-- general information about a company, R&D collaborations

-- pre-clinical, clinical pipeline

-- therapeutic focus

-- drug discovery strategy

-- therapeutic modality

-- a type of data used for machine learning training (estimated)

-- investment history and total funding raised

-- publications, patents, PRs.

-- AI platform, data used for modeling

-- exclusive interviews with 4 leading AI-companies, outlining the AI application use case.

2. User-friendly analytics and visualization dashboard with multiple options to build graphs/charts/tables, sorting by parameters, general and domain-specific filters.

3. Personalized feed, powered by our parser engine, which updates information about clinical trials, patents, papers, press releases. New sources of data are to be added regularly at no additional cost for the existing users.

Learn more about Dashboard “A Landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Pharma R&D”, and how BiopharmaTrend increases confidence in complex market environment at www.biopharmatrend.com.

About BPT Analytics Ltd (BiopharmaTrend)

BiopharmaTrend builds a sophisticated cloud-based business intelligence platform for the pharmaceutical industry. Our dashboard “A Landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Pharma R&D”, being a part of the larger database, provides a focused view of the AI application scene.

BiopharmaTrend team has been conducting market research in pharma AI space for 4 years and is constantly referenced by top consulting and media companies. For more information visit www.biopharmatrend.com.

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BPT Analytics Ltd (BiopharmaTrend)
125 - 135 Staines Road, Hounslow, United Kingdom, TW3 3JB
Andrii Buvailo
Ukraine R&D office: +38 066 0477 587 (ENG. support)
Email: editor@biopharmatrend.com
Website: www.biopharmatrend.com

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