Quartic.ai Announces Partnership with Sparta Systems to Connect Real-Time Manufacturing Insights to QMS

by Mark Tordik Contributor

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Quartic.ai partners with Sparta Systems to bring forward next-level AI capabilities for early risk detection during the manufacturing process

Quartic.ai announced a partnership with Sparta Systems, Inc. to bring forward next-level AI capabilities for early risk detection during the manufacturing process to reduce product quality impact and enable near-real-time product release.

The assurance of quality output during drug and medical device manufacturing is a critical lynchpin in assuring the safety and efficacy of those products in market. Since quality cannot be “controlled into” a process, sole reliance on post-development/post-production identification of defective or unacceptable product is not an effective means of quality assurance and places supply chain continuity at risk of disruption. Furthermore, this model requires development and production of a product before the quality of that product can be measured; the result being consecutive, rather than concurrent, manufacturing and quality assurance. And finally, the growth in both batch scale and increase in continuous manufacturing processes inhibits the establishment and maintenance of demonstrative sampling plans that adequately represent the production process.

With Quartic’s award-winning Quartic AI and IoT Platform™ for Smart Industry, the Sparta TrackWise, and Trackwise Digital will acquire production equipment data during development to create and train algorithms that detect product and process anomalies. Once the product development is completed and the product is approved for commercial distribution, users are able to deploy trained algorithms on commercial-scale equipment data streams to identify performance “drift” before nonconforming product is manufactured. If performance drift is identified, the joint capability of the two platforms contemporaneously creates records in TrackWise Digital associated with the available data and connects operators with development insights and just-in-time process correction instructions to secure the production run. Since decision makers using TrackWise Digital connect with raw data both identifying and correcting apparent manufacturing issues, the potential for under-informed decisions is further reduced.

“Innovation in quality management is at the core of Sparta Systems,” said Dana Jones, CEO of Sparta Systems. “With this new combined capability, we’re putting meaningful quality insights and intelligence in the hands of our customers. The ability to not only capture but distribute the information to all levels and across all operating units empowers our customers to make faster and better decisions while assuring the quality of medical products and safety of patients and users.”

“For the first time in the life sciences industry, we are able to directly and systematically harness processing equipment’s ‘eyes and ears’, its integrated sensors, and deploy AI/ML agents that continuously verify process performance and pre-empt deviations. The ultimate goal is to be certain that all critical parameters are met, that we capture process and human knowledge, and that we are certain product coming off the line is not just okay, but perfect - the absolute highest quality,” explained Rajiv Anand, CEO of Quartic.ai.

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