Introducing Univercells Technologies, Univercells’ subsidiary focused on the development and commercialization of intensified, automated biomanufacturing technologies

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Brussels, Belgium, May 05, 2020 – Univercells Technologies, a global provider of next-generation bioprocess technologies, launches today.  Under this new brand, the company will focus on the commercialization of the product portfolio and will explore new technology developments to expand its position in the cell and gene therapy market.  

According to Mathias Garny, General Manager of Univercells Technologies “With the scale - X™ bioreactor portfolio and the NevoLine™ biomanufacturing platform, designed and commercially validated by Univercells, the company experiences today a turning point. The commercialization of these cutting-edge technologies under a dedicated brand will boost the expansion of our market reach to support advances in cell and gene therapy manufacturing,”

Hundreds of cell and gene therapies are entering clinical trials but commercial progress remains stunted by manufacturing solutions inducing capacity and reproducibility constraints when facing process scale-up. Univercells Technologies will offer the scale-X bioreactor portfolio and the NevoLine platform to cell and gene therapy manufacturers seeking an effective and validated solution for scalable therapy manufacturing. The technology portfolio is equally suited to allow mass production of human and veterinary vaccines, delivering large quantities at an affordable cost. 

“After years of innovative thinking we are proud to accelerate the commercialization of our intensified biomanufacturing technologies. They offer high-performing production capacities in a low footprint while significantly reducing capital and operational costs. Univercells Technologies’ ambition is to support cell and gene therapy manufacturers in accelerating their developments and facilitating scalability from clinical phases to commercial manufacturing.” said José Castillo, Chief Technology Officer of Univercells Technologies.

The new company’s positioning is embodied by a dedicated brand and a logo that represents the strong Univercells heritage combined with a new technology focus. In addition to immediate access to the scale-X bioreactor portfolio and NevoLine biomanufacturing platform, the team will continue expanding the technology portfolio to accommodate evolving customer needs and pioneer the next evolution of biomanufacturing. For equipment inquiries, please contact

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