Challenges in Supply and Partner-Sourcing for Stem-Gene – Clinical Trial Supply – A Virtual Experience

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London – On Tuesday, (12th May) CTS Virtual (,  will host new key sessions on Clinical Trial Supply 2020 Trends, Stem-gene Clinical Trials and many more.

As modern medicine advances, the global clinical supply chain needs to keep up, and the expanding market for stem-cell and gene therapy is making this increasingly complex for companies doing research and development in these areas. The therapeutic potential for stem-cell and gene products is vast, with targeted personalized medicine to suit the individual needs of sick patients, but running clinical supply operations in these fields can come at a high cost and requires detailed planning.

After the initial hurdle of procuring of cell and tissues products and supplier selection, trial sponsors often find it difficult to determine accurate cell dosage during a trial, so forecasting and collaborating with suppliers becomes difficult. Each phase of the trial presents a new set of challenges, such as transfer of medicines to patients; biological products have different needs to drugs, and adequate packaging and tracking is critical when delivering personalised medicines.

With all this to consider, clinical supply professionals have much to learn to optimize their stem-cell and gene therapy supply operations, and James L. Sherley, Founder & Director, Asymmetrex, LLC will offer an exclusive insight into navigating this complex terrain in his talk ‘Special Challenges in Supply and Partner-Sourcing for Stem-Gene Clinical Trials’ at Clinical Trial Supply Virtual.

It’s less than three weeks to go until CTS Virtual goes live for over 300 attendees across the world to experience the digital edition of the CTS event series from the safety and comfort of their own homes. With two streams of engaging presentations led by industry experts, attendees will have access to a full day of exclusive content right at their fingertips.

The event will provide discussions on the latest developments across the whole clinical supply chain, focusing on operations, technology, innovation, and key insights into how the industry can address new challenges, free of charge.

A glance at what’s to come:

Speed-talks: What’s happening right now? A snapshot into clinical trial supply trends of 2020, featuring four experts from Gilead Sciences, Allakos, Boehringer Ingelheim, and CytomX Therapeutics.

Special challenges in supply and partner-sourcing for stem-gene clinical trials, James L. Sherley, Founder & Director, Asymmetrex, LLC.

How end-to-end supply optimization can increase flexibility and accelerate time to market, Amaury Jeandrain, Head of Solutions Adoption, Life Sciences, and Sébastien Coppe, Life Sciences Director, N-SIDE.


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