Outsourcing in Clinical Trials 2020 - A Virtual Experience

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Arena International Announces the Leading Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Conference as a Virtual Experience

London – Arena International announced today that the Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Conference (https://arena-international.com/octvirtual/) will be held as a Virtual Experience on Wednesday, 27 May 2020, providing the ideal platform to talk about the impact of crisis on the pharma industry and discovering best approaches to CRO, Sponsor and Patient relationships. 2020’s Virtual edition will continue to bring engaging networking opportunities and cutting-edge content specifically for Outsourcing in Clinical Trials direct to your screen.

Outsourcing in Clinical Trials is the ideal platform to talk about the impact of crisis on the pharma industry and to further demonstrate the need adapt and learn in trying times for more efficient practices and improved CRO, Sponsor and Patient relationships. Attendees will be able explore and learn how the market is coping with changes in regulations, opportunities through adaptive approaches and methods to run successful clinical trials.

This virtual edition will offer case studies and insight into how to effectively and efficiently improve CRO, Sponsor and Patient relationships. Attendees can stream live and prerecorded presentations from top tier speakers on topics surrounding relationship building between CROs and trial sponsors, the impact of Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and ICH E8 (R1) compliant, among others.   Connecting with other industry leaders will also made possible and via the platform’s live chat and video chat features– equipping attendees with the ability to reach their peers and colleagues globally.

A preview of the key sessions:

Strategies for Efficient Conflict Resolution Between Trial Sponsors and CROs. John Shillingford, Director of Clinical Research, Afon Technologies Ltd.

Case Study: Can Choosing an Adaptive Approach Lead to Increased Efficiency in a Clinical Trial? David Wright, Head of Clinical Operations Western Europe, Janssen Inc.

Impact of the Medical Device Regulation on Device Approvals. Andrew Thompson, Director of Therapy Research & Analysis, Medical Devices, GlobalData.

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