Clinical Trial Supply 2020 – A Virtual Experience

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Arena International Announces the Virtual Experience of Clinical Trial Supply Conference Series

London – Arena International announced today that the Clinical Trial Supply Conference ( will be held as a Virtual Experience on Tuesday, 12 May, 2020, providing the immersive online platform that the pharma supply industry needs to come together and tackle pressing supply challenges amid the crisis. 2020’s Virtual edition will continue to bring engaging networking opportunities and cutting-edge content in pharma supply chain direct to your screen.

The landscape of clinical trials in the global market is becoming increasingly complex. Pharmaceutical companies running clinical studies must overcome many issues, having to work within a budget, stick to timelines, handle vast amounts of data, and often operate overseas. These trials are usually conducted on a large-scale with thousands of patients at multiple sites, which brings significant logistical and operational challenges.

This virtual edition will offer case studies and insight into how to effectively manage operational issues across the clinical trial supply chain. Attendees can stream live and prerecorded presentations from the FDA, senior executives from the likes of Portola Pharmaceuticals, and Gilead and delve into the hottest topics of year including Big Data & AI. Connecting with other industry leaders will also made possible with the new Meet the Experts discussion session and via the platform’s live chat and video chat features– equipping attendees with the ability to reach their peers and colleagues globally.

A preview of the key sessions:

Maturing Global Trade Compliance (GTC) To Add Value in The Growth of a Biotech. Patrick Pillsbury, Associate Director, Logistics and Global Trade Compliance, Portola Pharmaceuticals.

Unlocking the Potential for Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Prasun J Mishra, Chief Executive Officer, Agility Pharmaceuticals.

An Overview of FDA’s Office of Pharmaceutical Quality Operations and How to Ensure the Timely Importation of Drug Products. Lance De Souza, Compliance Officer, Division of Pharmaceutical Quality Operations, FDA.

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