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3rd Global Bioprocessing, Bioanalytics and ATMP Manufacturing Congress

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This Congress will explore the novel technologies and manufacturing strategies accelerating the efficient production of next-generation biologics.

With 30+ presentations over two days, this meeting focuses on key challenges within the field, evaluating innovative solutions such as continuous bioprocessing, SUTs, data integrity, PAT and the implementation of industry 4.0, all of which aim to increase the efficiency and yield of therapeutic production whilst maintaining high-quality standards. Once again, this meeting will also feature a track dedicated to the manufacturing of cell and gene therapies, exploring both the regulatory and manufacturing challenges of these complex products.

The 2020 speaker panel will be assembled from leaders in biopharmaceutical production and will ensure that you walk away with an increased understanding of novel manufacturing techniques and technologies. 

  • Learn about biomanufacturing strategies to meet the needs of multiple modalities in biologics.
  • Discover how high-performance simulation algorithms can optimise bioprocessing operations.
  • Understand the regulatory expectations and challenges.
  • Explore the evolution of future vaccine development and manufacturing.
  • Find out about innovative analytical technologies for viral vector production.
  • Create a CMO selection process and criteria for successful project implementation.

Date:  7 - 8 September 2020

Location: Dublin, Ireland

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