Xerna™️ Platform

ncXerna Therapeutics has developed its XernaTM platform using proprietary RNA-based gene expression data and machine learning-based algorithms to classify patients based on the dominant biologies of their cancer. The first panel from this platform focuses on the tumor microenviroment (TME Panel) and is based on the interplay between angiogenic and immunogenic dominant biologies of the TME, and has been developed as a clinical assay. OncXerna’s pipeline of clinical-stage programs with known mechanisms of action directly address the subtypes identified by the XernaTM TME Panel. OncXerna plans to identify new areas of cancer biology to identify new subtypes and expand its pipeline with clinical-stage programs that match these subtypes. With this approach, OncXerna aims to dramatically improve the success rate of clinical trials by enriching the intent-to-treat patient population with those patients whose dominant biology is the best fit for the mechanism of action of our compounds. This offers the potential to radically alter the clinical development process, improve patient outcomes, speed the delivery of novel drugs to patients, and demonstrate new ways to deliver on the promise of precision medicine.
The XernaTM TME Panel is an investigational assay that has not been licensed or approved and has not been demonstrated to be safe or effective for any use.

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