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Peptris Technologies

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India based

Peptris is an AI/ML company with a vision to enhance drug discovery efficiency and improve health. We are developing a machine learning platform to predict small molecule-protein and protein-protein interactions to discover small molecule/antibody/protein based therapies. The platform can predict interactions for 100 million of assays in a day with accuracy rivaling a wet lab experiment.

AI/ML small molecules de-novo molecule design

R&D Platform

We have a unique proposition as a platform and product company that has a prediction pipeline that uses minimal information and works with not characterized and novel proteins.

One of our key differentiators is our ability to provide evidence for the activity predictions from our AI approach, unlike many AI solutions that provide black box predictions.

With an AI based approach, We can predict a billion interactions a day across multiple proteins and molecules. This gives an edge over existing computational models in terms of speed and versatility. Screening for primary activity with the novel target of interest while providing insights on ADMET and off-target effects in one sweep provides a major improvement over existing computational tools.

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning de-novo molecule designs

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