Micar Innovation

Micar Innovation

Private company

Micar Innovation is a drug discovery engine. Micar Innovation creates new companies in partnership with pioneering academic researchers and major biopharmaceutical companies, which provide funding and a path to liquidity through pre-negotiated acquisitions.

Drug discovery operations are built around an experienced team of researchers. Previous accomplishments of Micar Innovation team members led to multiple marketed and clinical-stage drugs in diverse disease areas including neurology, oncology, arthritis. Micar Innovation business model includes “Build-to-Buy” partnerships, where world-class academic researchers are matched with pharmaceutical partners to form new drug discovery programs for the Micar Innovation team to execute upon. New start-up companies are spun-out for translation of these programs into novel therapies, incorporating an exclusive option for a pharmaceutical partner to acquire a spun-out company downstream at pre-set terms. Micar Innovation has now formed multiple companies around discovery programs subject to Build-to-Buy agreements.

Private company
Bulgaria based
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Micar Innovation provide improved structure based in silico screening for the detection of biologically active compounds / discovers new small …

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