Lodo Therapeutics

Lodo Therapeutics

Private company
New York, NY

Lodo Therapeutics discovers and develops novel therapeutics addressing "undruggable" targets with high unmet need by applying its proprietary platform to tap the vast collections of undiscovered molecules encoded in environmental microbial DNA. These drug-like molecules span an enormous range of structural diversity and their biological relevance has been optimized by a billion years of evolution. Lodo's proprietary platform leverages breakthroughs in next-generation sequencing, artificial intelligence/machine learning and synthetic biology to increase the speed and efficiency of natural products drug discovery by orders of magnitude. Following successful initial collaborations with two global partners, Lodo is developing an internal pipeline initially focusing on oncology drugs and is expanding its partnering activities in a range of indicationslaboratory have developed a genome-based, culture-independent platform for the discovery, biosynthesis, and characterization of small molecules from microbial sources present in soil samples. Lodo believes that the potential cures for a number of deadly and/or debilitating diseases literally lie at our feet. By combining the advancements in DNA sequencing and bioinformatics, this innovative discovery platform exploits the power of microbial evolution for the identification of therapeutically valuable pharmaceutical products derived from natural sources.

Lodo Therapeutics, an Accelerator Corporation-backed entity, is headquartered in New York City. The company’s lab and offices are located in the Alexandria Center for Life Science, New York City’s first and only premier life science park.

Private company
United States of America based
$17 M


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