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INSILI.COM offers an elite source of intellectual property and unique expertise for innovative pharmaceutical and biotechnological research and development.

They provide know-how and world-leading technology services for virtual screening of pharmacologically active molecular agents. Their clients are among the world's top pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology and cosmeceutical enterprises.

Private company
Switzerland based
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CopyCATS™'s groundbreaking CopyCATS™ molecular design technology permits rapid discovery of new chemical entities with desired properties and tailored polypharmacology.

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COBRA™ & TIGER™'s unique Collection Of Bioactive Reference Analogs (COBRA™) and unrivaled macromolecular target prediction technique TIGER™ (Target Inference GEneRator) enable the …

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POOMA™ (PrOjection Of Molecular Attributes) software generates fitness landscapes for focused compound library design, and enables rapid data clustering for …

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