eClinical Solutions

eClinical Solutions

Private company
Mansfield, MA

eClinical Solutions seamlessly orchestrates clinical technology and expertise to help accelerate the clinical development process. We provide a spectrum of customized data management services and solutions including EDC, Data Management, Clinical Reporting, and Data Standardization, as well as an innovative Clinical Data Hub platform, elluminate®, which brings advanced visualization and analytical capabilities. Through experience and innovation we empower life science organizations to manage and proactively make decisions regarding clinical trials and programs.

Formed in 2006, the eClinical Solutions team has many years of experience working in the life sciences industry dedicated to clinical data management and programming. The organization was formed to address specific needs that our Leadership team identified through their firsthand experiences, specifically to provide unique and high quality solutions for efficient collection, standardization, reporting and role based utilization of clinical research data. Through a consultative approach and the mindset realizing that each individual organization has a unique set of goals and objectives, we have been partnering with our customers to maximize the use of one of their most valuable assets, their clinical data.

Private company
United States of America based


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