Desktop Genetics

Desktop Genetics

Private company

Desktop Genetics is an international company established in 2012 to help researchers discover and treat the root genetic causes of human disease. Today, Desktop Genetics is a recognised leader in genome editing technology, staffed by dedicated team of genome editing experts, bioinformaticians and data scientists, driven by the real-world impact of CRISPR technology.

We have invested four years developing our core technology, DESKGEN AI, trained on the largest database of genome editing data in the world. DESKGEN AI powers our flagship DESKGEN CRISPR Library product range, which enables the work of our pharma, biotech and academic customers working in drug discovery and functional genomics.

Desktop Genetics' tools and technologies are used by over 1800 organisations all over the world, and our projects contribute directly to several key partnerships to bring CRISPR into the clinic.

Private company
United Kingdom based
$5.231 M
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